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REASON: Site is used to keep notes on setting up Twinwork servers. Not specifically for Twinwork, but just the general operating circumstances to run Twinwork.

IDEA: FreeBSD serving web and mail. qmail chosen to be email server, and Apache being web server. PostgreSQL is the chosen database server. PureFTPd will be the chosen FTP server for file serving and we will give it a simple FTP management through Apache and MySQL.

USE: Free to read, utilize, criticize, correct, implement, profit, etc. But give credit where credit is due.

There was once a set order on how to install a toaster-like machine using the order above. If you want to create a server with all these capabilities, then the order above is how one would install it. I don't want to put number specifying the order since in some circumstances it's not true. But be aware that some programs may require others in this toaster-like configuration. Use NOTES as a reference. There are many websites out there that provide an in-depth detail to all of these programs. Google is your friend :)

And another thing. There's no NOTES on name serving or DNS! I use DynDNS, and it's been great!

News bytes ;-)


ABOUT NOTES: I started writing NOTES in late 2001 to keep a reference page on how to recreate my servers in case of a catastrophe. Curently, this is NOTES' second generation being rewritten from the ground up. I found new techniques on how to recreate my servers, and I wanted to redo the NOTES' website to be XHTML Transitional 1.0 compliant.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This website, NOTES, is actually actively driven by PHP and MySQL (along with Apache, duh). I didn't want to actively (and inaccurately) update the version and date for each of the NOTES' documents. I created a PHP function to check the last file modified time and update the corresponding table entry in the database if the modified time is greater than the current entry. Version numbers are pretty much meaningless on this site. They're updated it 0.01 times and they're actually a reference of how often I update NOTES. Oh, I guess they're not completely meaningless since visitors can use the version line in their emails.

I hope these pages are useful to you as they were to me... unless of course you're already a UNIX/database/web/mail/ftp guru or something :)

DISCLAIMER: This is a reference site for Twinwork. Though, one can use NOTES to setup any server to their liking. Therefore, use these NOTES at your own risk. Basically what I'm trying to say with true American spirit: It aint' my fault!

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